Good mishegaas from around the Jewy landscape

Yeshivat Hadar applications are open for both the 2009 summer session and it’s first year-round session — making it the first full-time egalitarian yeshiva in North America!
Encounter is running another amazing trip to Bethlehem on December 18th and their trips fill up exceptionally fast. Deadline is Dec 4th!
The eco-mosque constructed by BUSTAN was not demolished thanks to media attention. A small victory, considering the order was not recinded. It just lives to be threatened another day.
Stephen M. Cohen’s latest research questionaire on Jewish identity asks you about the intersection of Israel and American Jewish life. Do you think Israelis should learn anything about being Jewish from American Jews? Vice versa? The answer is hells yeah, but there’s no way of specifying in which ways on this survey.  
The Jew & the Carrot launches The Schmethecist, a new and super snarky advice column on all your foodie questions.
The Jewish Agency’s Makom program launches a new web site — in partnership with Haaretz? You’ll do the same double-take that I did about how open a conversation their encouraging viz a viz Israel/Zionism. Am I dreaming?
The original Israelites might have been black — Chris Rock, you were right!!
And random NY Times story of interest: check out Saudi Arabia’s first all-girl rock band. You can listen to their underground hit single “Pinnoccio” here.

One thought on “Good mishegaas from around the Jewy landscape

  1. Re: the physical appearance of the early Israelites–the female skeleton they reconstructed was from the Roman period, when there was already quite widespread interaction/trade/travel among different people from all over the region and the Roman empire. They’d have to start with MUCH older skeletons to even have any reasonable basis for a guess.

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