Google Bomb Them Back To The Stone Age!

If you’ve ever Googled the word Jew, you may have noticed that an antisemitic hate site, Jew Watch, inexplicably and disturbingly comes up as the top result on what is beyond a doubt the most frequently relied upon search engine in the world. Troubled by his recent discovery of this fact, a staff reporter at San Francisco’s j. magazine brought this matter to the attention of Google’s executives, who showed little more than indifference towards the revelation.

Offering a convenient (though entirely plausible) explaination, one of Google’s representatives suggested that the placement of the hate site is a result of a Google bomb, “A technique through which a group of bloggers working together can make a webpage come up when someone searches Google for certain keywords,” my all-time favorite example of this, of course, being “miserable failure.”

That being said, I’d like to propose a j-blogger Google bombing campaign, to push Jew Watch, as well as the other questionable high-ranking sites which appear in the search results for “Jew” (such as a Jews for Jesus ministry and Henry Ford’s antisemitic tractate The International Jew), down in their Google rankings, replacing them with sites that, well… Jews can feel a bit more comfortable with.

I’m going to suggest using Wikipedia’s entry for Jew as the initial (and official) link for this campaign, as it’s the most inclusive, non-denominational, and democratic source on the subject. However, if you’d like to recommend additional links, please make sure to spread ’em around, so that we can get the critical mass going that’s necessary to pull this off.

Wanna participate? Just drop <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jew” target=”_new”>Jew</a> into your next blog post, or put it anywhere on your website. Be sure to spread this around to your mailing lists and your friends on IM too, so that we may actively engage in defining ourselves, as opposed to allowing others (with vicious intentions) to do so for us.

(If Blogger had Trackback, I’d be using it right now. Hmm… Maybe it is time to switch to MT.)

[Update] Yikes! I just read Shleve’s post on the subject. Damn he’s snarky…

[Update] The Wikipedia definition of ‘Jew’ is now on the 1st page of search results. Keep it comin’ folks!

36 thoughts on “Google Bomb Them Back To The Stone Age!

  1. Also interesting that when entering J it also shows at the top of the page, a link to the Google directory for:
    Society > Religion and Spirituality > Opposing Views > Judaism
    try that for Islam and it doesn’t do that.
    Surely, Google could choose a better section of its directory to link to.

  2. Wired had a whole feature about Google this past month, and one of the problems was the Blog Bombs. I guess you can do it as well.

  3. I’m not entirely clear on this. Does my saying things like “I’m the baddest Jew in the Midwest” help, or does it have to be on a permanent page?

  4. Uh! If you type in Jews, the third thing you get (after Jews for Jesus and Jews for Judaism) is jpfo.org, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. That’s so much worse than antisemitic sites.

  5. people, as far as the ads on the side of the Google searches:
    The plan works like this: Google displays your ad there, and every time someone clicks, either 1) charges you, and stops posting that ad when the daily spending limit is up, or 2) counts it, and stops displaying it when the daily click limit is. If you click on one of the anti-semitic ones, someone else WON’T see it, or at the very least, it will cost them something. Why not?

  6. i don’t understand why shleve is so snarky about this. seems a valid concern, or at least worth a mention. why is the guy at j a jackass for reporting it?
    are people starting to do this with their web sites? i have. but i hate to be a jackass or anything.

  7. Not Jewish, but I post regularly at Jakeneck, and this issue was posted there. I have started “bombing” myself and am wondering if my logic is correct, the more times I link it on my blog the better? or does my whole blog site only count once? I will attach the script to every post if it makes a difference, as the kind of non-sensical hatred I witnessed at Jew Watch has got to be defeated.

  8. Sign me up for the Joogle bomb. I’ve also written a page that explains why, exactly, signing a petition isn’t going to get JewWatch to rank lower in Google’s rankings. I know that’s pretty obvious stuff to most people with any familiarity with Google, but I thought it might be a helpful explanation to those Relatives Of A Previous Generation who I imagine are responsible for keeping the “Sign my removejewwatch petition” e-mail going. The essay is at http://www.yankeefog.com/london/archives/000055.html

  9. I think we should compile a list of several sites to start google-bombing with links. Let’s say we have 5 sites that get a substantial amount of links pointing to them. Theoretically, they would all rise up to the top of the first page in google for the term “jew”, pushing everything down below. Hopefully the jewish hate site would get pushed to the second page.

  10. Hey there,
    I guess I’m too late on the action. I purchased jew-jew.com, for the express purpose of pushing JewWatch out of first place. Since then these googlebombs went out for Wikipedia…oh well. If you still want to put a link up to my page, I’d appreciate it a lot!

  11. We should do this for all the pro-Jew sites that are already on the first page of the google results, not just for that one site.
    Also, that jewfaq.org site is 100% about jews, which is why it’s much easier to do it with that site, but the problem is that the word “Jew” isn’t even in the TITLE TAG of that site. They need to change it, then it could easily be bumped to be #1

    Transfer your domain… they CHOOSE not to enforce their own terms of servive regarding JEWWATCH…
    Their TOS are here:
    read on
    JEWWATCH was tossed off their domain registrar and moved to NETWORKSOLUTIONS private service. I’ve sent several emails to NETWORK SOLUTIONS requesting they enforce their own acceptable use policy.. and 3 times their reply was
    Dear Valued Network Solutions Customer,
    We appreciate the sensitive nature of some of the content that is included on certain Web sites. As an accredited registrar of
    domain names our responsibilities are limited to the registration of a specific domain name. We have no jurisdiction over the how that domain name may be used.
    On November 1, 1999, a three-judge panel of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth-Circuit ruled that Network Solutions has no responsibility or duty to police the rights of trademark owners concerning domain names.
    If the domain owner in question is conducting criminal activity we would ask you to defer to either the police or the proper authorities.
    Network Solutions Customer Support

  13. Another way is to boycott google since they couldn’t care less if anti-semitic sites are all over their searches. What kind of quality searches can they provide. Try a much better search engine in my opinion MAMMA.COM Headquartered right here in Montreal.

  14. Hi, I found the discussion here fascinating. Could someone please give an exact piece of html which I should use.

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