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Graffiti: the update

Back in September, I wrote about the rampant homophobic graffiti in Jerusalem, and posted some photographic evidence.
I’ve decided that it’s time for an update. This is best done, again, by sharing photographs snapped around town. Actually, these are all taken in a four block stretch of a major street that runs from my neighbourhood towards the city centre. Many of these have gone back and forth a few rounds (the original homophobic slur, a correction, reiterating the homophobia, a further correction…). In order to demonstrate that, I added notes to the photos on flickr, so I highly recommend you check them out individually there.
I like the alterations to the homophobia, and the different styles people are using to change the message. (Though, I admit that I don’t quite understand the squaring of the “h”.)
I’d like to thank the others who are helping with this project. I have my sharpie in hand every day, and there’s still more to do…

2 thoughts on “Graffiti: the update

  1. i used to wait up at night and walk around town trying to catch this guy so i could give him a stern talking to … harry and michael didn’t believe i’d ever catch him

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