5 thoughts on “Merry Xmas – Pass the chopsticks!

  1. awh, it’s a perfectly valid dialectical variation. you’ll have to ask some linguist which dialect though – i’m guessing some kind of deep galitsianer thing. same with ‘buh-bee’ and ‘zey-dee’, which are ‘boh-beh’ and ‘zey-deh’ to the people who say ‘laht-keh’.

  2. If you come to Boston, you’ll notice all the Dorchester origin families eating lat-keys and hugging their bubb-ies. There are actually two different variations contained within this larger one, lat-keys and lut-keys. In New York it seems to be shaw-bes, for true Bostonians it’s either sha-biz or shuh-biz. They also often eat mut-zee on Pesach, and certainly eat chullee on shuh-biz. And I’m one of them, so lay off!! My family pronunciation traces from the Ukraine.

  3. This video is disgusting! Why is there a scene where Chasidic Jews stop in a parking lot to pick up a penny? Why are we so ashamed of ourselves?

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