Guilty As Charged

All the chocolate and none of the guilt? P’shaw! As if! Gamble away your conscience this Chanukah with Grandma Goldman’s Chocolate Guilt, a play on the traditional holiday favorite, chocolate Chanukah gelt, which, instead of the typical menorah impression on the side, bears a Jewish mother upon its foil along with such kvetches as “The phone works both ways you know.” Oy gevalt.

The product is the invention of “two Indians and a Chinese guy” from Livingston, NJ (as revealed to me in an e-mail by co-creator Andrew Cheung), and a comedy writer who works for Maxim (who appears to be tending a character blog). Apparently they think an annoying Jewish mother is funny. Perhaps they should try having one.

In any case, the chocolate is OU certified, so if you want to bring home the shlock for the holidays, it’s an option. When was the last time guilt tasted this good?

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