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Ha'aretz reports that Hamas is willing to accept a cease-fire

According to Ha’aretz:

Hamas is willing to accept an Egyptian initiative for a cease-fire agreement with Israel, after having added some amendments, the Saudi-owned Arabic language Al Arabiya TV reported Wednesday evening.

The Hebrew version of the report also claims that Israel is very interested in finishing the war before Obama takes office.

5 thoughts on “Ha'aretz reports that Hamas is willing to accept a cease-fire

  1. Hamas is willing to accept a cease fire as long as Israel does everything they want. Pull back, open the smuggling tunnels and let us rocket you until you move to the US and Europe or convert to Islam. Sounds like some good terms.

  2. Sorry bar navi but your comment is absolutely false. Anyone who takes the time to read what Hamas wants will see that this comment is more then true. “after having added some amendments,”

  3. People, the tunnels are always outside Israel or Egypt’s control. Those rockets and missiles seem to slip past no matter who’s guarding the borders. The IDF did done a miserable job preventing Hamas’ rearmament when the IDF was *occupying* Gaza, for Christ’s sake.
    So assuming the militants get their weapons in without the need for the open checkpoints, what’s wrong with opening Gaza to food, medicine, water, and fuel?

  4. Gaza IS open to food, medicine, water, and fuel. Yes, that is limited during the current operation – but before it started, it was done on a regular basis, tons and tons of supplies went into Gaza, daily. Every single day – numerous trucks with enormous amounts of supplies are brought in by the WHO, UNRWA, ICRC, and others.

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