6 thoughts on “Love song to Islamic Fundamentalists (from a jew)

  1. while I like the song and think the singer is very creative and funny, I find this worldview politically naieve, like Ghandi telling Martin Buber that the Jews should practice passive resistance against the Nazis during WW2. Clearly the sentiment is more a romantic view of social activism from the 60’s which is not at all relevant when dealing with Expansionist Hate-filled ideologies as espoused in Islam throughout history. The fact that many Jews have been slaughtered and massacred by Muslims in the past, read some history for proof, it would be better to honor the memory of Jews and Judaism by promoting why it’s worthwhile being a practicing Jew.

  2. just open ur mind, islam never hate anypeople all people are same in islam, doesn’t matter what their race,religion etc (muhammad Say)… HAMAS do what they have to do to defence heir land… ur gov, do same but with animal instinc. in past the enemy of jews are christian not Moslem. slaughered in spain 1492-1534,..Nazi 1939-1948,we used abraham as`a moral sample and one of regarding man in Islam, why ur gov do it to plestine. may be u must review ur Talmud..

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