Hadassah Ties Up White House Phones Over Stem Cells

A Jewish women’s group temporarily blocked White House phones on Tuesday by staging a coordinated call to ask President Bush to overturn his policy prohibiting taxpayer funding of any new embryonic stem cell research.

Members of the Jewish women’s group Hadassah were in Phoenix this week for their national convention. Using a speakerphone from a podium, Hadassah president June Walker called the White House to start off the coordinated phone calls.

Full release. And on a pro-life site, at that. Yeesh.

3 thoughts on “Hadassah Ties Up White House Phones Over Stem Cells

  1. Yeah Hadassah!
    Just when I start to lose faith in Jewish organizations, one comes along and surprises me. I had no idea that Hadassah owned 6 of the cell lines. Maybe soon we can let scientists do their work without hurling 4000-pound carvings of the Ten Commandments at them.
    Also, the pro-lifers always use the term “unproven research”. From my understanding of research, once it’s proven, the research is done.

  2. Is it really a good idea to intentionally block up the lines to the White House? What about people who are calling with regards to other issues… don’t they deserve, too, the right to petition for a redress of grievances?

  3. David… don’t mess with the Hadassah ladies. Trust me. Just back away slowly and don’t say a thing. That’s right. Just … quietly … back … away ….

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