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Halakhah and Ideology

It’s the second half of the semester, the weather’s getting kind of chilly, and soon we’re lighting Chanukkah candles. Do you know what that means? It’s conference season!
One of this year’s most exciting is going to bring something of a Neo-Marxist angle to the study of Halakhah. What is that you say? You didn’t think critical theory and Jewish studies could work together? Well then, come chill with me at the Third International Conference on the Philosophy of Halakhah. The event is sponsored by Hebrew University and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. It is set to run from December 12 – 14, and promises to be a fun, not to mention controversial, way to get ready for the holiday of the Oral Law.
Conference Schedule

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  1. Generally, major events are recorded and archived, and many are even simulcasted, it’s worth checking the website next week to find out what is hapenning

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