Security Speedbump, Round 2

Palestinians use makeshift ladders to cross over a section of Israel’s separation barrier from the West Bank village of A-Ram towards Jerusalem, in this Oct. 13, 2006 photo. The barrier went up in a hurry, starting in 2002, following a wave of suicide bombings aboard buses, in restaurants, outside synagogues. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

Boy, I feel safe. (c/o Ezra H.)

3 thoughts on “Security Speedbump, Round 2

  1. Mob…you’re brighter than this.
    A wall…a cop…laws…cameras in department stores are deterrents. That’s all. It creates one more obstacle for a scum bag to do their thing. So it takes more time, and risk to strategize blowing yourself up in Jerusalem with a huge concrete wall to tackle.
    Don’t worry though, by this afternoon, your post will attract solutions from the far left/right w/ solutions like:
    a) If we only give back all the land taken in ’67, we’d be vacationing in Ramallah and feel comfortable wearing our kippot on campus without the risk of a beating.
    b) Nuke Gaza and the West Bank and transfer all non-Jews to Spain.

  2. This photo had me laughing harder than the first one did.
    They should both be shown on Comedy Central.
    PS Mobius IS bright, that’s why he’s doing these types of polemic posts.

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