Hamas Recruiting Via Google AdSense

Ynet reports,

Internet surfers who enter the word “Hamas” in Arabic in the Google search engine, will view, in addition to the search results, an AdWord message that links directly to the website of the organization’s military faction Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.
The link also appears in a search of several other words, such as the “Gaza,” “Palestine,” “Jihad.”

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5 thoughts on “Hamas Recruiting Via Google AdSense

  1. Maybe everyone should start clicking on their ads to charge em up….a joogle bomb side project..er sumptin. guess you would have to print out hamas in arabic for me though…don’t know how to read/write arabic.

  2. so the problem is that google took money from hamas, right? i don’t really get the point though. if you search for hamas, why wouldn’t the hamas website be the most prominent thing you would see anyway?

  3. I personally don’t think it’s right that people should be prevented from speaking.
    Obviously certain things cross legal lines and those cannot be tolerated. Some obvious examples that immediately come to mind:
    1) actual explicit incitement to violence (as in clear & present danger)
    2) illegal fundraising for terror organizations
    If any of these lines are being crossed then people should be brought to justice based on the existing laws. But if the websites are merely political speech then I don’t agree with google deciding to censor their ability to speak. Kach is a terror group but it has a website. The IRA has websites. the ETA has websites. This has benefits. If we don’t allow them to speak it only drives them underground where it’s harder to monitor.

  4. And now, one of the “sponsored links” that pops up is for the “ShasPods” website. What a beautiful thing.

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