5 thoughts on “Get Thee To A Nunnery

  1. Ms. Madonna still seems to feel the need to tell the world that’s she’s relly not Jewish. I’m starting to wonder if she finally realized that she exploited Cathlicism for all it’s worth and needed to find another society’s buttons to push.
    After Judaism her next stop should be Islam. That should be interesting!

  2. OT
    (just to look like idiots)
    Mobius, this is at Counterpunch (wait!) right now, but we thought this would be interesting:

    Conservatives defend the postings in Kentucky and Texas on the grounds that the Ten Commandments “formed the foundation of American legal tradition.” Liberals on the other hand insist that the posting is an “establishment of religion,” contrary to the first amendment to the Constitution. In fact, both are wrong: the Ten Commandments in their historical setting are a revolutionary manifesto, dedicated to the overthrow of traditional authority and religion.

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