Lets talk about sex … or not.

Last week at Ohel Nehama, a synogogue in Talbieh, Jerusalem, there was a discussion entitled, “Between him and her: Before marriage in religious society – danger or opportunity.” Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, but I understand that the discussion for the most part centered around premarital sex. There are articles on the Jerusalem Post, and Haaretz websites about this event.
Numerous comments on the articles suggest that many would prefer to either deny this issue is relevant or existent, or to attack Modern Orthodoxy. This reminds me of friends who were called an apikorais by a Rabbi in yeshivah for asking a question, after they were invited to ask anything they wanted. I’m sure everyone will agree that the key to a successful relationship and marriage is being able to discuss with your partner any issue openly. Perhaps this idea of being able to avoid legitimate issues, or even deny and sweep them under the carpet is yet another contributing factor to why so many are single today. People are subconsciously taught that they can run away from problems and they don’t have to address them.

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