Happy Birfday Jewschool

Yesterday was Jewschool’s 1st birfday. Werd up. It’s been a long and interesting year: sold some t-shirts, had a few laughs, and pissed off an assload of right-vingers. Sounds like just about what I had in mind when I started the site.

Props to Steven I. Weiss, Benyamin Cohen, Leslie Bunder, Jay Michaelson, and Douglas Rushkoff for help making Jewschool the best blog it can be, as well as to Anagraztov, John Brown and The Town Crier for their numerous contributions throughout the course of the year. A special thank you also goes to Ocean Guy, who was kind enough to throw some cash our way during our server crisis. And finally, thank you to our visitors, for your continued support. It wouldn’t be worth it without you.

Don’t forget: We’re still looking for more contributors, so if you’re interested in writing for Jewschool, drop me a line.

See you in ’04!

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