Temptation, Art is Thy Name

Yiddish-language posters which incite resentment towards Williamsburg’s hipster/artist community have been cropping up in the neighborhood’s Chasidishe areas as of late. The posters read, “It took eight seconds for the twin towers to collapse. How long will it take Williamsburg? Chas v’sholom, haya lo siyeh. It should not happen, G-d forbid.”

The goal of the posters is to apply pressure to Chasidishe landlords to stop charging top-dollar rents to trustfund kids and thus gentrifying the fuck out of the neighborhood, making it less affordable and less “modest” for Chasidishe residents, an issue recently addressed in The Yiddish Forward.

Pssst… Hey Chosid, guess what. You may own the buildings, but you don’t own the ghetto.

(c/o Gawker via Darieus; Yiddish translation c/o my mom & Grubness; article via Protocols comments)

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