12 thoughts on “Hard Shlock

  1. Dude. that tee with the star of david on one breast and 48 on the other with a nice dip in the middle is totally hot

  2. that too is the only one i’d make an exception for (tho i still think it’s kind of corny); but um…dude — you commented on the wrong post.

  3. this is exceptionally bad– this wouldn’t even have been good in the 80’s. But I love the add for the “treif busters” on the crawl.

  4. There is no word to desribe the absolute and total crappyness of what I just saw.
    Some dorko barking the works chassidish and kissudh for 5 minutes and a bootleg guitar solo.
    This stuff makes me hurl.

  5. Hey, cut us some slack. what do you mean bootleg? I was standing in for the original guitarist (he’s in Florida learning Smicha), but it was my own solo.
    I’m all broken up 🙁 (not)
    Maybe you’re just bitter 😉 Happy kids like it.
    Anyways, if anyone is seriously interested, I am looking to form a band, in Brooklyn.

  6. This perfomance is bested only by Eitan G being booted from a previous year’s chanabd telethon. Speaking of which, does anyone where I can download the video of that? I thought I had sceen it on Jewschool originally but I can’t find it in the archives. Thanx!

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