Harry Potter Desecrates Shabbat Headline Contest

As we heard the other day, most stores in Israel were open this past Shabbat for the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book. While the hype around this was pretty nuts, I have to say that the variety of headlines with this story has been the most exciting part:
Harry Potter’s Israel launch pits wizard vs rabbis (Reuters)
Will Harry Potter’s magic work in Israel? (CNN-IBN)
Harry Potter Angers Zionist regime (PressTV, Iran)
Gawker even gave him a kippah:
Can you think of an original headline funnier than those above for this story? Leave submissions in the comment field between now and next Shabbat. Jewschool editors will pick the top five and readers will have a chance to vote next week. Submissions of links to other funny headlines are welcome but will not be included in the contest.

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