"Hasidic Jew" Email A Hoax?

An e-mail supporting the recent attacks in London, sent to British MPs allegedly by a Hasidic Jew, is a hoax. The letter expressed approval of the metro bombings as retribution for the murder of the Jews of York.

6 thoughts on “"Hasidic Jew" Email A Hoax?

  1. If YOPU want to know why G-d allowed the attack on London see my blog at Heshys house.blogspot.com
    entitled why London now.

  2. “then what about measure for measure for the jews of york?”
    Centuries of bad teeth?
    Hey, Heshy, wouldn’t it make you more believable if instead of finding reasons for events after the fact, you were able to predict who’s going to be punished next, and why? How about some predictions?

  3. I predict that in 20 years time the orthodox and chassidic Jews will be the majority both here and in Israel.The reform and conservative and modern orthodox movements will be history.The largest minority in New York will be Asians and in the United States will be spanish speaking.

  4. that’s just projecting current trends into the future. no big deal. how about predicting the next God-mandated terror attack?

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