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  1. must not make jokes about mollycoddled conservatives…
    not make jokes about mollycoddled conservatives…
    must not make jokes about mollycoddled conservatives…

  2. I dont see why this is a big deal, I am orthodox and have been doing this for years without a complaint from anyone. It works great on purim to keep a baby quite during the reading. Both of my sisters do the same and I dont think anyone has bothered them either.
    Then again, we have a proper Mechitah in our shul!! So i dont think the men even know that this is happening on our side.

  3. Ahhh! The scheming minds of of the Conservative Movement have found hope for restoring synagogue attendance.
    Let them hang . . . and they will come!
    (If breast milk is kosher-parve, can breast cheese be eaten with a burger . . . )

  4. Howdya like the no human kindness reference of D-N-C? She is such a disaster. If she weren’t the Queen JewFeminist writer, she would not never be employed as a writer at all.

  5. I especially liked this part:
    ““There is no greater image of the love of God for humanity than a nursing mother, and no greater image for the way the Torah is lovingly transmitted from one generation to another than a nursing mother,” said Rabbi Artson”
    What an argument. Next he’ll tell us about how sex is approved of by Judaism and how there’s no greater image than the creation of the next generation, so…
    But I bet they triple shul attendance.

  6. So women have to hide feeding their babies the same way as they have to hide sex? Come on? Breast feeding is not a sex act. Most women have a blanket over it.

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