Hasidim vs. Wal-Mart

You won’t believe how good this made me feel.

The New York Times reports that Hasidic Jews in Monsey, NY are protesting Wal-Mart — they fear that its unfair labor practices, tumultuous employee hiring procedures, underpayment, Christian Coalition donations and corporatization will corrupt Monsey.
Well, not exactly….but it *is* a fine example of the Jews using grassroots anti-corporate support.
And, to look at it another way: it really is, I think, a stand against corporate America and the commodification of everything. To put it another way: when big corporate players start catering to the Jews — especially the religious Jews — smaller-time, mom-and-pop operations are going to suffer and go bankrupt.
So give the Wal-Marters a kick for me, Monsey folks! Only, not any of the female ones.

13 thoughts on “Hasidim vs. Wal-Mart

  1. There already is at least one Walmart in Monsey and it’s frequented by a LOT of Jewish residents. I guess this one is planned for somewhere else. I definitely sympathize with people who aren’t eager to have a massive SUPERCENTER (!!!) in their neighborhood, but the truth is that Walmart is also a godsend to a lot of low-income families. It’s simply a mixed bag.

  2. I am quoted in the story as Shlomo Zalman.
    The reporter took my comments somewhat out of context. Nothing surprising coming from the NYTimes (or any major media for that matter.)
    I told her I supported the store. But her angle was that everyone is against it, so she made my comments appear that way.
    Even my comments she used were not a direct quote, even though she put it in the paper as a direct quote. She took my answers and rewrote it as a direct quote.
    The quote “I don’t know if I would shop there” I did not give at all.

  3. lol, matthue. i’ll try to remember not to kick you next time i see you, too. 🙂 see you on the other side, safe travels!!!

  4. You may not want to give your money to China or to Wal-mart for any of a number of reasons, but some of Wal-mart’s suppliers are actually companies owned by Hasidim that source in China.

  5. Another gratuitous shot at the Hassidim (but men only at the end): why? Do they embarrass you that much?

  6. Speaking of Wal-Mart, has anyone heard of the term Kosher Clothes? I’ve heard it tossed around in L.A. recently, wondering if it has caught on in other areas.
    Anyone have any info on specific Jewish laws related to working conditions?

  7. Hmm, Trust the The NY Times that backpaged the Shoah and gives free op-eds to Hamas, or shop Walmart that allows everyone to save money so they can spend it WHERE THEY WANT.
    What a dilemma…

  8. Another gratuitous shot at the Hassidim (but men only at the end): why? Do they embarrass you that much?
    No, it’s cause their advocates are so agonizingly preditable, constantly whining, and never stop squealing “victim!”

  9. Go to the Woodbury Common super WM after Shabbat (midnight Sunday morning) and watch the Satmars drag their wives and children through the aisles of sweatshop clothing and lousy fruits and vegetables!

  10. Those Satmars, so disgusting, in fact those Jews, so disgusting, no wonder we hate them so much. I know, let’s have Iran drop a nuclear weapon on them, it will serve them right for what they are doing to the peaceloving, women appreciating, gay accepting Palestinians. (And let’s bomb London while we’re at it – too many of those damn Brits are Jew-loving collaborators)!

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