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He Hit Me First

Gideon Levy on the justification for the continuing assault on Gaza:

“We left Gaza and they are firing Qassams” – there is no more precise a formulation of the prevailing view about the current round of the conflict. “They started,” will be the routine response to anyone who tries to argue, for example, that a few hours before the first Qassam fell on the school in Ashkelon, causing no damage, Israel sowed destruction at the Islamic University in Gaza.
Israel is causing electricity blackouts, laying sieges, bombing and shelling, assassinating and imprisoning, killing and wounding civilians, including children and babies, in horrifying numbers, but “they started.”
They are also “breaking the rules” laid down by Israel: We are allowed to bomb anything we want and they are not allowed to launch Qassams. When they fire a Qassam at Ashkelon, that’s an “escalation of the conflict,” and when we bomb a university and a school, it’s perfectly alright. Why? Because they started. That’s why the majority thinks that all the justice is on our side. Like in a schoolyard fight, the argument about who started is Israel’s winning moral argument to justify every injustice.

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13 thoughts on “He Hit Me First

  1. If you’re not willing to throw out the arabs or dismantle the state of Israel you will need to kill a whole lot more pals in the future. They will leave you no choice. The article is right. They started.
    But we can’t throw out the arabs. Because you know, like , transfering arabs is much worse than killing them dude. (end hipster Jew mode)

  2. formermuslim – you wrote: “The article is right. They started.”
    It seems you did not read the article very carefully:
    “We started. We started with the occupation, and we are duty-bound to end it, a real and complete ending. We started with the violence. There is no violence worse than the violence of the occupier, using force on an entire nation, so the question about who fired first is therefore an evasion meant to distort the picture. After Oslo, too, there were those who claimed that “we left the territories,” in a similar mixture of blindness and lies. “

  3. I read everything. I agree with the first part, the second part degenerates in classic Jewish self-blaming. They started the six-day war that lead to the “occupation”. They have no right to complain about the outcome of that war. They should be made to swallow the consequences.

  4. Formermuslim, what a dark and violent vision you have. What do you think the Jewish response would be to someone ‘forcing us’ to accept something with violence? I’ll tell you: martyrdom. In this day and age, no one truly forces anyone. The Pals can’t force us, and we can’t force them. Arguments to the contrary are arguments for continued bloodshed.

  5. I actually don’t understand what anyone has said here. This is the bottom line, we withdrew, and their first action was to burn down the greenhouses wealthy Jews and others had purchased for their benefit. They are the product of a warped religion and an evil culture. Where it all ends, I don’t know, but may Jews everywhere become better and stronger.

  6. Charles, that’s christianity you’re describing.
    Look at the facts. For 1400 years arabs oppress Jews for no reason. Then, Israel is established and suddenly THAT is the reason for islamic anti-semitism? Yeah right.
    Take it from a former-muslim. ALL muslims hate Jews. Thay are fed this stuff from childhood with no nuances made. Let them eat the fruits of their hatred.

  7. maybe he is a fake, but from what my own muslim friends tell me (when we’re stoned and truth gets wafts out a little easier) – he’s right. they hate us. have you read sandmonkey’s blog? pro-american he may be, but you can hear his anti-semitic undertones. we’re “the jooz”, despite his critique of the arab world.
    i’m not advocating former-muslim’s violent charge though. it doesn’t solve anything. but y’know what? i wish it DID. because i’m boiling with anger at them. they SHOULD choke on the fruits of their hatred. a hatred they spread happily to their kids and their families in every country an arab community can be found.
    i don’t understand it. thousands of years ago, the arab world was one to marvel at: the finest scholars, doctors and humanitarians were all mostly arabs. The Golden Age of spain is a neat century-spanning case study. but then, at some point the fabric of their morality seemed to warp.
    beating the holyland crap out of them ain’t gonna endear them. it’ll halt things but it won’t stop the root of conflict. no, we need to get to the bottom of this. and no, i don’t have a friggin clue what that entails..

  8. My evolution from a muslim to philo-semite to kahanist is appearently too much to swallow for some people. All I can say is that the internet enables the dissemination of information so quickly that before I knew it I was rooting for Israel during the second intifada.

  9. “i don’t understand it. thousands of years ago, the arab world was one to marvel at: the finest scholars, doctors and humanitarians were all mostly arabs.”
    More than a thousand years ago the mongolians were the most advanced civilization on earth. Why? because they had conquered China.
    Don’t misinterpret your enemies. The conquered nations have all been assimilated into arab culture eventually. They’re just as barbaric now as the original arab invaders.

  10. Sam,
    How about the ones that advocate the killing of civilians on a mass scale, explulsions of enemy populations, and the bombing of capitols across the middle east?

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