13 thoughts on “Jews for Stevus

  1. I’m so happy Jewschool continues to propogate xtain attempts to convert Jews. Perhaps we should call site J4JSchool.

  2. I thought Jobs was biologically Arab. His biological mother was Joanne Schieble, and his father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian. They married in 1955 in a church in Green Bay.

  3. But really, that’s a dumb pamphlet. Hardly makes sense, much less a convincing point. What a half-assed effort on their part.

  4. M, don’t want you to assault anyone; but I’m assaulted by enough xtain bs as is, don’t need more of it when I go here for my Jewish fix.

  5. I thought these guys got millions for their propaganda. As a mac user and a Jew I am disappointed not to see better production values. I do appreciate the “handmade” quality of this tract, however, and its almost endearing uber geekiness.
    Is there one with Linus Torvalds or Woz?

  6. I see these folks and their pamphlets everywhere, and have thus far managed not to puke all over them. One of their other tracts features Google–complete with handy trademark signs–and I was pretty surprised. Is this kind of appropriation legal? Do Google and Mac really want their names associated with this? I think if I were Steve Jobs, I’d be a little steamed.
    Well, maybe that’s just because nobody’s called MY career trajectory messianic.

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