8 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Hizbullah kidnaps two Israeli soldiers and shells Kiryat Shmonah for hours, causing the call-up of reserve troops and the reinvasion of Southern Lebanon, and for you this is news on par with smuggling cocaine-filled Bibles into a prison in Indiana?

  2. Let’s face it…the IDF is softer, kinder IDF. Hamas knew it, and surely Hezbollah does as well. Any other country that was attacked on their Southern and Norther border would unleash hell. We lob a few artillery shells into open fields.
    Let’s take nothing away from our Muslim brothers and sisters in Leb and Gaza…techno music, mc donalds and playstation’s have not watered down their resolve.

  3. You’d think “Amerca’s Rabbi” would make Spero a Garrison Keiler type character, but from his newsy hat and reactionary politics, I’m gonna go with Drudge. Which is to say: Amerca’s Rabbi my ass. More like America’s attention-seeker.

  4. who is this America’s Rabbi guy, Torah-wise? He’s got a yarmulke on, so I’m sure — in the minds of millions — he speaks for me, so I’d at least like to know where he stands.
    Is he Orthodox? Does he believe in G-d?
    His website lets you know neither answer.

  5. just to clarify – the White House did not “reject” Brit Tzedek’s petition for continued support of the PA. The letter, signed by 400 American rabbis, was very specific in calling for humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people and continued support for Palestinian moderates, such as President Abbas. In all fairness, the Administration has been respectable in meeting both of these demands, though certainly not to the extent that would be preferred.
    The White House response did reiterate their position that they would not give aid or support to the Hamas-led Palestinian government until it fulfills the Quartet demands – but that was not a request made by the letter. Unfortunately, the JTA article did not make that distinction clear.
    thanks for the post

  6. Gee, I don’t remember Spero protesting when Novak outed CIA agent Plame. That was much more obviously treason.

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