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Hebcal Shabbos Widget for OS X

Mark Saper, an indie software developer, has created a widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard which culls data from Hebcal.com, offering local Shabbat and Havdalah times, as well as the week’s Torah portion. (Currently works only with US zip codes. Boo!) Get it from Apple’s site here or from Saper’s site here.

2 thoughts on “Hebcal Shabbos Widget for OS X

  1. Thanks to all who have downloaded the widget and thanks to this website for advertising it.
    I have a functional unreleased version that works with major international cities supported by hebcal.com. Contact [email protected] for a copy.
    If someone sends me a link on how to design a Konfabulator widget, perhaps I can port it. Although there is no binary code in it, it does use some of Apple’s built in javascript functions to do the flipping animation. In the meantime, you can go to hebcal.com to get the shabbat times.

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