The corner of Allen, Broome and Janina

With Jewish film festival season in full swing in New York these days, it’s pretty hard to choose when and where to experience good Jewish cinema. While I haven’t seen any of the films listed at “Mezedes” – The 4th annual Greek-Jewish Film Festival, I’m sure a trip to Congregation Kehila Kadosha Janina, the oldest Romaniote synagogue in New York City, is in order.
The 4th Annual Greek-Jewish Film Festival
Sunday January 29th, 2006
Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue
280 Broome Street (on the corner of Allen)
1 pm / $10
The lineup:
My Family Came From Rhodes, by Esther Mizrahi Weisman
The Jewish Community of Salonica, a short documentary produced by the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv
It Was Nothing, It Was Everything, Sy Rotter’s acclaimed film on the rescue of Greek Jews during the Holocaust.

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