Heroin and Hashem

“I was arrested for heroin possession on a cloudy Saturday morning in downtown Tel Aviv. My drug dealer and I were on the road in his little white Peugot. I had five grams in my pocket. When I checked the rearview mirror and saw the red flashing lights of the mishtara—the Israeli police—I was so high I didn’t even flinch.”

6 thoughts on “Heroin and Hashem

  1. great and inspirational story…..there really is nothing better than a good high…only problem is coming down….something that the author’s friend Jenny doesn’t have to worry about anymore!!

  2. Touching, and heart-felt.
    Makes me wonder about the direciton I’m heading.
    I miss the old city and all I met there, the Orthodox life I’ve once experienced. Now my life is mine again, to run as I please.

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