8 thoughts on “Hertzberg EIR Interview Drops

  1. My only conclusions are that Hertzberg, while generally quite sharp in terms of his analysis of the Israel/Palestinian scene, as well as the U.S. political scene, is under-informed in terms of the `Executive Intelligence Review,’ the persistent nature of the LaRouche phenomenon and its diverse publications, etc.

  2. By reading his remarks, it’s obvious that Hertzberg is quite brilliant. Therefore, I think we must conclude that LaRouche is not an antisemite. Kudos to Mobe for sharing this link.

  3. Who knows about denials? Anyone can make denials, but those statements by H. are substantive. Since Mobe mentioned it, I looked at other similar interviews on the LaRouche site, and I find that generals, like Gen. Joseph Hoar, a four star general leading the charge against “Tortur Boy” Alberto Gonzales, Dr. Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch, Inside the mind of the president, Maxim Ghlian of the International Jewish Peace Union (
    http://www.larouchepub.com/other/interviews/2004/3146ghilan_staff_dialog.html) , and others who are not only for peace, but are fighting the fascist policies of the Bush Administration are all going to LaRouche. My Jewish friends on the west side in NYC (I’m in Philly) are all talking about how this is amazing. I mean look at what ABCNews.com says: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/TheNote/story?id=448818
    I think that there is a shift that cannot be fit into an old box. That there were untruths about LaRouche, and that anyone who is genuinely for the good should be happy that a big, on the ground effort is comming together.

  4. arthur’s brilliant but he’s also a bit off his rocker … i’m sure he hasn’t the vaguest notion of larouche’s sordid history; and in fact i know he doesn’t, because when i asked him about it myself he said he did not. this is problematic because larouche is using hertzberg to give himself credibility. that a group of larouchites set my house on fire when i was a child tho because of my mothers holocaust education activism is enough to keep the truth branded on the forefront of my mind forever.

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