16 thoughts on “Matisyahu On Carson Daly

  1. Hmmm…. a bit over the top with the “alla cayó”, definetly fun to watch. But yeah, as Avi said… Torn
    He performed much better when I saw him at BB King’s this past december

  2. Gotta love the close-ups on the tznius chicks in the front row. All decked out in turtle necks and hooded sweaters. We’ve come a long way from “MTVs The Grind”. Gives new importance to your Tznius Hoes shirt Mobi.

  3. Best comment from another forum where they are discussing this performance.
    “yeah i saw that last night too. carson needs to learn to enunciate, i kept thinking he said Modest Yahoo when the guy’s name is Matisyahu.”
    I laughed out lout when I read that.
    But isnt Modest Yahoo an awesome name for a band?

  4. for all the jews out there, i would like your opinion for a paper im writing in school. do you think that what matisyahu is doing is good, that he is delivering jewish messages to mixed crouds, jews and nonjews?

  5. Matisyahu wasn’t born into the hassidic lifestyle that he now lives, so I think that’s why he doesn’t view his sharing of general Judaic values a “big deal”.. Rightfully so I feel because there is nothing wrong w/ sharing the notion of, “one should celebrate his love for G-D” w/ his every inner essence”.. Be it Jew or gentile, w/ musical talent or w/e.. If you choose to make it personal then that’s your right but obviously he doesn’t.. Matisyahu ROCKS!

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