Hertzberg Gives LaRouche 2nd Interview

“Miriam” writes,

Is this a weird coincidence, or divine intervention? Within days of stumbling upon Jewgoo, and finding an interview with you in which you mention the ‘fry in hell’ quote of Rabbi Hertzberg, and you actually say he said this in his interview with Executive Intelligence Review — and in an honest way, no less — the incredible Rabbi has given a more extensive interview to EIR, on Holocaust Memorial Day.
It will be out next week, and hopefully will be posted on larouchepub.com.

Welp, looks like Rav Hertzberg can’t get away with claiming ignorance this time. Unless he’s completely forgotten our conversation… Which, knowing him, actually, seems entirely likely.

4 thoughts on “Hertzberg Gives LaRouche 2nd Interview

  1. We have a problem with Hertzberg now? What is the issue here anyway? And nevermind that Yom HaShoah is still like three months away.

  2. the problem is that lyndon larouche is a megalomaniac with fascisistic tendencies and by granting his publication numerous interviews hertzberg lends credibility to larouche’s positions

  3. I’ve been heavily involved in lefty activism and I have to say that I have never observed a group of people more fixated on one man than LaRouche supporters. Others defend their own positions. LaRouche supporters seem to spend their lives defending LaRouche. LaRouche LaRouche LaRouche. Where is the self-motivation? Where’s the individual passion? No one, and I mean no one, deserves so much of other people’s time and energy. So let me address this to LaRouche supporters: I’m worried about you, really. What have you done for yourselves lately, for your friends, for your family? Take a break, please. Someday, sooner or later, we’ll all be dead, including the great LaRouche. Do you want to look back on your life and realize that you’ve spent your healthy years thinking about, talking about, arguing for this one dude? Yeah, I know, he’s a genius, a statesmen, the godfather of soul, the inventor of the printing press. But what about you?

  4. If a LaRouche supporter is defending LaRouche, it’s because someone quoted a politically motivated slander article against LaRouche, as you can see on this board. You cannot expect to get no response about LaRouche, when ignorantly stating something so stupid as ‘larouche is a fascist nazi’.

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