UPDATE: Nazi Road Signs Removed

Lasting less than two days, “vandals” have done away with the signs proclaiming an Oregon road “adopted” by the “American Nazi Party.” County officials will not replace them until the adopting party pays for new ones.

Some suggested a rule for the cleanup program that disallows any groups advocating discrimination. They wondered whether Osama bin Laden and groups of pedophiles could also sponsor a road and get a sign.
Others supported the rights of the Nazi party to say and express what they wanted. And were glad the skinheads were planning to do their part in cleaning up the road.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Nazi Road Signs Removed

  1. Speaking of anti-Anti Semitic bullshit. I am hanging out at a friends house ( now I am a litlte worried about the status of my friendship with these people), but they had a friend over, who decided to ask me a Jew question ( I am a magnet for this kind of crap). She asked me about “The Merkin” I was like, what the fuck is a merkin? According to these bright individuals Orthodox women shave off their public hair and wear pubic wigs. WHAT THE FUCK? Who the fuck makes up shit like this? I looked up Merkins and they were pubic wigs, like four hundred years ago, that people used to cover up sphillis scars with. Some shaved their public hair to get rid of lice. Apparently, according to the outside world, Orthodox women are wearing them as we speak, for no other reasons but asthetics
    Where can I get one?

  2. Tell them it’s ultra-ortho custom these days to get a brazillian wax. Makes it all that much more fun when having sex through a sheet.

  3. Now I’m even less a fan of Nazis than I am of wearing a Merkin, but I have to say that I think it sucks that they’re being required to pay for a replacement sign. If somebody took down of painted swastikas over signs that said “Sponsored by Oregon Jewish Federation” or whatever I’d be seriously pissed that the victims would have to pay for the replacement.

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