Hey kid, wanna read some Ayn Rand?

Funniest. Site. Ever.
Be sure to check out the bios of the “contributing members,” and to keep clicking on the Atheist Goat’s head to read all the quotes. Priceless. I could have spent days exploring.
But what is up with that Jewish kangaroo thing?
Too bad this is obviously fake, guess it’s too good to be true. Anyone who can figure out who’s behind this gets a special prize (yet to be determined).

17 thoughts on “Hey kid, wanna read some Ayn Rand?

  1. While this site and the myriad others like it are funny, maybe there shouldn’t be advertising for anti-christian websites (no matter how hilarious and tongue-in-cheek) on Jewish websites. When we start getting our peanut butter in their jelly, it validates the use of some potentially awful avenues of communication (like 50 shekel praising yeshua).

  2. Thanks for your comment, Simon. I don’t think this site is anti-Christian so much as it’s just anti-fundamentalist. I’d put up links to sites against any forms of fundamentalism–Jewish, Christian, or otherwise. And come on, mainstream Christians, to the best of my knowledge, have more sense then to go around saying stuff like this. Most of what’s on this site, especially if you follow the links, is pretty far-out. Nothing here attacks mainstream Christian doctrine outright. It’s satire, that’s all.

  3. I don’t think it’s satire… why do you think it is?
    I think it’s real… there’s too much back up for opinions… for example check out their explanation of their flag proposal… it’s supported by facts….

  4. I think it is a satire – but they seem to be linking to at least some legitimate sites, so that it gives the illusion of being genuine.

  5. It’s gotta be satire. Check out the baby Jesus on “Have you accepted Christ yet?” Could that possibly be for real?

  6. Atheism is to mind expansion what a dead end road is to a wonderful adventure.
    More people should be aware of a certain brilliant figure from the past, namely the Jewish orthodox rationalist, Mar Samuel, of the Academy of Sara, Babylon, from about the year 220 ace. He made a famous decision, which by the way most affected the Jews, and was expressed in the phrase, Dina d’malchuthah dina—”The law of the land is the law for us.” This means that it was the duty of all people including the Jews to obey the laws of the countries in which we live.
    Jeremiah’s famous quote, which should be etched into every adult’s consciousness, was “Seek the peace of the country whither ye are exiled and pray to the Lord-for its welfare.” The ultimate result of Samuel’s dictum was that the better the Jew, the better the patriot.
    Jeremiah out trumps Jabotinsky in the Wisdom Card Game by a mile.
    The above may explain somewhat my worldview/belief system.

  7. It’s fake people, Moe is right. I hate to admit it, but even he is right every once in awhile. Okay, Moe, I owe you two beers now. I hope you are happy.

  8. Jack Holgroth, for instance, appears to be a real person (google: “Jack Holgroth” game).
    This is satire, but i can’t tell if Mr. Holgroth actually wrote this piece….
    It is his style.

  9. i am SO glad you mentioned that it isn’t directed at x-tians but at fundamentalists of ANY religious stripe, because i can tell you about one of my favorite sites:
    It is by “Nice Jewish Girl”, 34, who has bever been kissed or even held hands with a man. She actually believes in all that sexually repressed Superfrum “don’t kiss, don’t hug, don’t hold hands, don’t even TOUCH a member of the opposite sex before marriage” stuff.
    It reads like some 1950’s utterly sexually repressed “Dating Do’s and Don’t” manual. The comments are hysterical. You wonder oh-my-god how can adults actually believe this stuff.
    Like those goofy fundamentalist x-tian web sites, this web site is so serious that it is completely over the top. I would love to see a spoof of this one.

  10. come on, you guys. when you go into the store section, all the t-shirts for “Fellowship University” are “FU.” And you can get a lightswitch cover that involves the holy Member of their Lord and Savior. um, yeah, I think it’s satire.
    But I totally disagree with you, Big Bill, about Nice Jewish Girl. I think her struggle is very real and sincere. While you may find her earnestness about shomer negiah over the top, I think the blog really speaks to the larger issue of the difficulty of dating in the frum world, especially for so-called “older singles,” and the hell some of them go through. Sorry, not funny.

  11. I know the site seems so over-the-top that’s it’s hard to believe it’s sincere, but, really, I have a friend who knows the ministry. Although there are parody sites, like ones put up by Chris Harper, this is not one of them. If you have doubts, send a sincere (non-snarky) email to any of the contributors listed in the Member’s Area. If you seem to be truly questioning and not looking to mock them, they will respond. Mt. Fellowship Baptist Church runs this site to coordinate outreach activities and provide support for its true believers. Where do you think all the grassroots push for creationism and now “intelligent design” comes from? From people like this. There are plenty of reasonable and moderate christians, but some on the fringe are very active, and this site is a window into that world.

  12. “[Jack Holgroth] served … as a Game Theory Tactician for the Department of Defense and [solved] the “Fisherman’s Quandary”, … crucial to the winning of the arms race”
    Fisherman’s Quandary?
    Game Theory Tactician?
    Googling specifics on this website primarily brings forth either the original website or pages referencing it. For example, I got to this website by looking for evidence of Jack Holgroth.
    My quote is from http://objectiveministries.org/members/

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