Ho Hum, 2 More Cases of Herpes Infections From Holy Baby Penis Sucking

Welcome to the tribe, boys!
The Daily News reports,

Two more babies have contracted herpes through an ancient circumcision rite, leading the city’s top health official yesterday to release an open letter to the city’s Orthodox Jewish community urging caution.
The practice, known in Hebrew as metzitzah b’peh, involves a practitioner, or mohel, drawing blood from a child’s circumcision wound by mouth.

Full Story. (c/o Gawker)
Anyone else ready to discard the Rabbinic add-ons of Metziza and Brit Priah?

2 thoughts on “Ho Hum, 2 More Cases of Herpes Infections From Holy Baby Penis Sucking

  1. Of course. The NY Dept of Health should be shutting this crap down, not urging ‘caution.’ This is criminal, and should be addressed as such.

  2. So Miriam, you agree that Brit Priah, a more radical form of circumcision that the U.S. adopted since WWII but is now retreating from (guess where they got it?) is a bad idea, and we should cut less! much less.
    Surprised you agree. But great.

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