Holyland Market

Krembo, Milky, Ha’Shachar chocolate, Telma cornflakes, Malawach… The list goes on and on. From now on all us New Yorkers can get all the basic Israeli goodies (did I already mention the Burekas or those 1 shekel chocolate bars one can find in any Israeli supermarket) from one convenient location: the Holyland Market, located on 122 St. Marks street. (continuation of 8th st. east of 1st Ave.) If you’re already in that area check out the great Hummus place just across the street.

Prices are what you would expect from NYC – 80 cents for a f**king Krembo. But hey, if you can get six Malawachs for 7 bucks, the same price for one Malawach in a nearby Israeli restaurant, who am I to complain?

7 thoughts on “Holyland Market

  1. Do they have those awesome little chocolate milks that come in a bag?!!
    Yknow, while we’re on the subject, even as an israeli, I never understood the whole milk in the bag thing.

  2. haha…. yeah didnt think about it that way. i think i meant it in the more literal (geographical) sense, though there is no doubt that this is a freudian slip of a wannabe 🙂

  3. I was at the chumus place the day after it opened (and the Holyland Market, too). Wrote about it here.
    I’m going back Saturday night to get my last fix of pita/chumus numminess before heading to St. Louis. (I just got back from Israel, and already I’m missing the food….)

  4. Asaf, You are forgeting it is across the street from “Hummus”, but far the best Hummus in New York. Also, you can get a pot of Cafe Botz with the best Hummus.

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