How powerful is America’s Jewish lobby?

The Straits Times reports,

For many ordinary Americans, ethnic lobbies are a normal fact of life, the building blocks of any US policy for at least a century. For others, however, and particularly outside the US, the pro-Israeli lobbies hold a special fascination.

They are credited with influencing the US at every step, of dominating America’s foreign policy. And none is considered more sinister in its influence than the Aipac.

Much of these sentiments about the alleged overwhelming influence of pro-Israeli lobbies can be put down to either old-fashioned anti-Semitism, or sheer ignorance.

There is no doubt that America’s Jews do exercise a large and perhaps disproportionate power, at least in comparison to their numerical strength.

But there are very simple explanations for this phenomenon.

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One thought on “How powerful is America’s Jewish lobby?

  1. Very accurate. An excellent article for the Sunday Times. I actually found it kind of boring, but that’s because it’s all old news to me. AIPAC doesn’t do anything special, it’s just plays the games of politics better then other right now. It makes friends, real friendships not purchases, with those in politics and educates these people on the one single issue that it is focused on: Israel.

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