9 thoughts on “Where Should the US Stand on Israel’s Targetted Assassination Policy

  1. I didn’t really like the question was phrased, so I couldn’t really choose from among the available votes. I have no real problem with targetted assassinations in principle, but have a greater problem with the way it is often applied. That said, I notice the IDF has gotten better at it in that these operations put fewer bystanders at risk of injury and death.
    This is life. It is seldom a matter of stark multiple choice, and there are no easy answers to real problems.

  2. Quite frankly the US’s position on Israel’s targeted assassignations should be to take lessons.

  3. Assassination is too good for these bastards. They should be tortured publicly and after amputating all their extremities be sent back to their villages to contemplate and suffer their fate.

  4. my question: how is this guy sadr still alive? send in the fuggin IDF…. (if they’re not already there… i’m sure they are)

  5. I’m kind of new to the blog world (and Judaism), but I think we should always be wary of backing any form of assassination, because I fear in the end the Palestinians will use the assassinations as a form of justification for their own terrorist actions.

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