Howard Stern admits having rhinoplasty

The NY Daily News reports:

Satellite radio shock jock Howard Stern, whose long face, big nose, pointy chin and tangled curls gave him the perfect face for radio, admitted yesterday that he’s had not one, but two plastic-surgery procedures. […] Stern weighed in yesterday with the confession that he had a nose job nine years ago — right after the filming of his movie, “Private Parts” — and liposuction not long after to suck out the waddle of fat under his chin.

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9 thoughts on “Howard Stern admits having rhinoplasty

  1. I gotta say Brown, this made me laugh. Not so much the story, but that YOU’D find this worthy of posting. And to calm nerves, I’m not laughting at him, but this time, laughing with him.

  2. So much for that “Jews Control the World” bullshit. If that were true, goyim would be getting nose implants.
    Not to say that Judaism is measured in facial features.

  3. Howard Stern, STILL ugly on the outside, FOREVER uglier on the inside.
    Talk about a Yetza Hara… that man’s got it 10 fold.

  4. Obviously, you haven’t listened to Howard in 10 years or more. In that time I, and so you should have aged (and hopefully matured) along with him, therefore having witnessed his transformation into not only the best, most well prepared, interesting and respected interviewer on the planet, but you’d also have been privy to the techniques of one of the most respectFUL (where appropriate) of interviewers- ie. Sec. Clinton interview of December 2019. I understand that there will likely always be ignorant people who judge today’s Stern by what their cousin’s neighbor’s dental hygienist heard from a patient without ever having heard a moment of the show. It’s to these folks I offer this: Look at your radio’s screen, now look left or right and you will see a button, dial or other real or virtual switch that allows you to do things like; change the channel, mute the volume, or go crazy and power the radio off and talk to your passenger or even just quietly THINK about things like why am I listening to my cousin’s neighbor’s dental hygienist’s patient about ANYTHING!!

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