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2nd Avenue Deli workers don't like the pickle they're in…

Seems that those of us who long for pastrami, pierogies, half sours and dr. brown’s cream aren’t the only ones frustrated with the situation. The staff of 2nd Ave Deli got absolutely no warning of the closure and Jack Lebewohl may be in breach of contract:
“This could be a potential labor dispute,” said Dennis Diaz, an organizer with Local 100, adding that the deli’s management hadn’t informed the union about its pending closure. “Workers are owed vacation and sick days. There’s two weeks severance, which is only two weeks, but still something. He didn’t even give them their last week of pay.”
One worker, speaking on the condition of anonymity, was off from work the day owner Jack Lebewohl announced the closure and received no word from him despite being with the business for more than 20 years.
“Jack didn’t give us notice,” the worker said. “I gave my life to this job and he didn’t even give me a letter.”
The story, from Metro NY

One thought on “2nd Avenue Deli workers don't like the pickle they're in…

  1. I would like to hear what Jack says about this, as it is clear the deli was having financial difficulties. But this tragic New York story just gets more and more heartbreaking.

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