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Somewhere in Eretz Yisrael, a Jewish family, residing upon legally-owned “Jewish” land, is being forced to evacuate from their home. Their neighbors demand that none of this family’s kind be permitted to live among them, establishing their own particular form of Judenrein.
Soon after the family’s children were physically attacked and brutalized, a mob gathered outside the family’s home, demanding their eviction. When Israeli authorities arrived to protect the family, the mob turned their anger towards the police, inundating them with a barrage of stone throwing.
But there will be no orange ribbon protest against this family’s explusion. This withdrawl will go unnoticed and unprotested. Because a Jew does not expel a Jew. Except when a Jew expels a Jew.

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  1. During times of great societal crisis, the literalists of every religion cause the worst problems. They are dangerous because they don’t live in the real world, and they are dangerous because they force their psychosis on others.

  2. so trying to represent this as hypocrisy on the part of religious zionists only backfires
    first there’s a vast difference between government mandated ethnic cleansing of thousands and neighborhood jerks harrassing a family
    you might as well compare the Trail of Tears to local harrassment of an indian family
    and asl the sons who have been targeted are Modern Orthodox and have a good deal more in common with the ‘orange ribboners’ while the haredim targeting them are on the wavelenght of the haredi parties who supported Disengagement…
    so if anything it’s a recreation of Disengagement on a smaller scale with haredim abusing jews whose religious observance they despise

  3. The facts are that in ‘the real world’ some think that peace comes from just one side. The truth is that it must be genuine from both sides of the fence. The reality is that the arabs are not for peace and never have been. Giving land for peace will not work when arabs dont really want the land. What they are really after is every jewish person to be removed from this land of ISRAEL.

  4. jonathan: off-topic, paranoid, and based on generalizations.
    sultan: actually, that makes my case all the stronger. where are the orange droves to defend their fellow orangers from being expelled from their home for their religious identities?

  5. Of course, if the “orange droves” show up tomorrow to take matters into their own hands rather than allowing the police to handle it, we’ll likely be treated to another Orthodox-critical post about intra-Orthodox rioting and brawling (and probably with criticisms of orange vigilantism). Just can’t win.

  6. mobius, there’s an obvious difference in protesting government sponsored ethnic cleansing vs neighborhood harrassment
    american liberals don’t assign the same priority to protesting the latter as they do the former either

  7. a jew being forced out of their home by their fellow jew, is a jew being forced out of their home by their fellow jew. kal v’chomer, a jewish being forced out of their home by supposedly halakhic orthodox jews (as opposed to secular jews)…

  8. mobius good post…it definately shows the inconsistrency of some people…however, as noted above, the comparison only goes so far becuase the disengagement was run by the state, while this was done by a bunch of neighborhood hooligans…it is a chillul hashem though. I wonder if this was done by any of the same people caught in Ramat Beit Shemesh burning Israeli flags in Yom Ha’atzmaut?

  9. It’s also quite interesting that when you read some of the “talkbacks” at the bottom of the article…it seems like every time there is some sort of article documenting any sort of negativity coming from the haredi or also politically far-right-wing world, like when Rabbis say publically to pray for the PM’s death, or when seemingly pious people beat up a kid for wearing a knitted kippa, there are some people who critisize the Jpost for posting the article, saying the editors themselves have an anti-religious or left-wing agenda.

  10. Ahhh, RBS is a mess. There is a lot of tension there because many haredim are worried about their own children going off the derech. I can assure you, that family is not the first one in RBS with children who have gone off the derech. There are a bunch of RBS children who have dropped the black hat thing and, in a few cases, even started doing drugs. It’s an ugly secret the RBS community has to deal with. This issue is not a new one, so it is possible that the local haredim are deciding to take action against it. I’m not sure. But it is not the first time that RBS residents have undertaken such ugly forms of protest such as burning tires (bus protest a few years ago). This could also arise out of anxiety about RBS finally being connected with regular Beit Shemesh, which is heavily Morroccan and secular.
    I’m not justifying any of this. It is absolutely disgusting. There is a serious mob mentality in RBS. Everyone has to do the same thing, but when it comes to being good, moral Jewish people, there is unfortunately a large number of people for whom “fitting in” takes greater precedence. There are plenty of nice people in RBS, especially in the dati leumi community, but that place needs a serious reality check.

  11. Mob, you ever talk with someone from RBS?
    I spoke with a friend living in there to get first hand info and he confirms that these kids are real menaces to the neighbourhood. The other residents have no problem with the parents who are god-fearing people. He emphasizes that serious physical abuse of other residents is happening (besides the superficial problem of ‘problem’ kids in a religious neighbourhood) and that frankly, some people are scared to walk the streets at night knowing ‘they’ are out there beating people up. (This is all relative of course, which doesn’t make it less legitimate of a concern).
    Police haven’t dealt with it seriously (and won’t) and that is why the masses are taking the law into their own hands.

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