Howl in Jewbilation!

Being in Israel, I seem to have fallen out of the loop in NYC. (Ahem, I thought that’s what I brought all you New Yorkers on board for!) Hence why I’m posting this late announcement regarding the 2nd Annual HOWL! Festival of East Village Arts. Apart from the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Festival, The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, Way The F**k Off Broadway with Reverend Jen (she’s a Jew) and Reverend Billy, Wigstock, and oh so much more, of particular interest is the Jewbilation sponsored by the 14th St. Y, featuring the Kosher ChiXXX Jewish Burlesque Show (yeah, um, you read that right) which is this Wednesday, as well as a Jewish trivia event Thursday, a performance by The 2nd Avenue Circus on Saturday, and a LES synagogue walking tour on Sunday. Makes me long fo’ the big city yo…

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