Ich Bin Ein Jüdischer Amerikaner

For all you non-readers of Orthodox Anarchist, I just wanted to point out the fact that I’m currently in Germany, spending 11 days with various Israeli friends who have recently moved here for art school, ideology, and love respectively. While I’m here, of course, I’m doing the tour macabre, visiting Jewish and Shoah related historical sites. I just finished three days in Berlin, and now I’m in Weimar, planning to visit Buchenwald tomorrow, and a crematorium factory that has been converted into an anti-racist squat. In any event, I’ve been doing a little blogging and a lot of photography, so do check in on OA and keep an eye on my Flickr gallery from Germany for more photos over the next week or so. And if you have any recommendations for cool places to visit in either Munich or Cologne (where I’m heading next) let me know.

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