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What's in YOUR matzo balls?

Hazon's Conference on Jews, Food, and Contemporary Issues

So I’m new to the foodie scene. In fact, I’ve been on the run from food, foodies and food-related controversies for quite some time. As someone perfectly at home with my Kraft Mac & Cheese and frozen pizzas, entering the world of culinary politics is a jump into a deep pot.
Which is suprising, since kashrut is such a significant manifestation of my faith — meat and dairy separated to acknowledge the sacredness of taking animal life for food, of not eating animals which hunt, and so on.
So why shouldn’t I take a closer look at my everyday fare with an eye to those ethics, particularly when it comes to the life, death and rebirth of the planet’s ecosystems as a whole? Or the sustainablity of agribusiness practices? Or my garbage disposal? This, as I said, is all new to me.
It is just with such questions in mind that Hazon will host From Latkes to Lattes: Hazon’s Conference on Jews, Food and Contemporary Life, the first conference on the intersection of Jews and contemporary food issues, this December 14-17 at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Falls Village, Connecticut, over the first nights of Chanukah. From Latkes to Lattes will examine such questions as:

  • How do we add a distinctly Jewish flavor to today’s healthier food?
  • How do we eat sustainably while maintaining Jewish food traditions?
  • What would it take to gain a more direct connection to where our food comes from?

Check out the info here and meanwhile give me some links to read about food, foodies and food-related controversies.

6 thoughts on “What's in YOUR matzo balls?

  1. Seriously. I might go to that conference just to eat those noodles. Looking forward to this year’s Schmaltz Symposium: Food from the Heart or Heart Attack?

  2. i’ve just begun studying food and nutrition policy at the graduate level and unfortunately, can’t make it to the conference because i have two final exams during it. and i’m very sad about this.
    but i’d be happy to be part of larger discussions abou food and judaism, on jewschool or elsewhere (in the non-virtual world).
    kung fu, if there are more specific areas you’d like to read about (i.e. organic, eco-kashrut, animal rights, corporations, obesity, recipes), let me know- id’ be (more than) happy to discuss.
    maybe something cool regarding jews and food will come out of this conference! i would be excited to see that and be part of it.

  3. Back in 2003, I wrote my PhD about food and eating serving as an alternative mode for Jewish education… food is just the beginning…

  4. I’ve picked up “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollens, which is a fast and fascinating read about how corn (and the oil used to fertilize, ship and process it) underpin most of our first world food economy.
    Where’s more like this kind of book? He’s a great writer.

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