17 thoughts on “IDF Going to Pot

  1. … and I think velvel was saying that there is a bountiful supply of maryjane in Israel and that such “treatments,” albeit conducted in a non-clinical setting, have been self-administered for decades and decades – in Israel, in India, in Thailand, in South America, Canada, USA and on and on. I hate weed but I am all in favor of legalization – better the govt. gets the cash then those guys. Sorry Rafi, slichah Mooki – you’ll just have to make an honest living doing something else….

  2. there is definitely enough of pot in israel. i wasnt point to what SHOULD be done but what happens.
    the amount of pot smokers in israel is sickening. i dont know a person who didnt smoke. i would like to hear people’s opinion to why is this.
    ck_dave i am all for legalization.

  3. Well, this explains the popularity of that “Send a Pizza to the IDF!” ad that comes up on every Jewish site I visit.

  4. hehehe….. well i already posted somewhere on this site how a soldier told me friend that he is a better sniper after smoking pot (like people who say they are better drivers after smoking…. lol)
    lets start a “Send munchies to the IDF” website. anyone volunteer?

  5. I’d think the reason there are so many pot smokers in Israel is the same reason there are so many cigarette smokers…
    In Israel it’s endless -terrorism, financial strain, and just living in a country full of Jews could lead even the most even tempered person to find an artificial way to mellow out once in a while.

  6. Um, I don’t think it’s just Israeli’s who have been doing home “experiments” with the substance. I have very few peers who haven’t tried it, and many who smoke pot on a regular basis, here in America. And I’m sure the same thing goes on around the world.
    While this experiment seems great, I think someone should be providing weed to the people over the green line (on both sides). They’re the ones who need to mellow out.
    Ale Yarok 2005!!!
    (or whenever the next election is)

  7. deep mystical secret: the hebrew word for smoke is Ashan, right?
    gematria of ashan
    = 420
    ha ha!

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