I’m A Jew

JPost reports,

Beyonce Knowles is Jewish. So is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Or at least they’re ready to go on-air and say they are, to help fight anti-Semitism.

Several stars of the pop charts and the silver screen have agreed in principle to film public service announcements denouncing worldwide anti-Semitism and identifying with the Jewish people. MTV is donating studio time for filming the ads, which are to appear in Europe, the US and even Israel.

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16 thoughts on “I’m A Jew

  1. This is good. Its like Denmark..G-d bless them. When the people of Denmark all wore stars and put chanukit in their windows, during th Holocaust…..DO YOU HATE THEM??? ARIELLA!!
    But….it is a little stange and might be a little wierd…but overall i think its good. yes. Alothough…the road to hell is paved in good intentions…lol
    sry my little sister’s name is ari and i am used to screaming it…:)

  2. Reminds me of the “Anti-Semitism is Anti-Me” ads that the ADL had up all over NYC last summer. They had pisctures of Naomi Campbell, a Lutheran Priest, and an Asian child. They were a little strange, but actually saying “I’m Jewish” is a little stranger when the person saying it knows it isn’t true.

  3. Hey, maybe they “feel Jewish” in a non-denominational way… I’m sure they’d be welcome at many of the pluralistic minyanim described 1 or 2 threads ago…
    You-all shouldn’t be so Judgemental.

  4. Don’t we get to vote on whether we want them or not? I vote “No, thank you”. Who needs them anyway? We already have Richard Gere speaking on behalf of the entire world.

  5. instead, why not an a la tiger woods with a twist: “I AM BARBARA STREISAND”…
    for truth, i’m veklempt.

  6. I am glad they took time out of their busy schedules to save the Jews… Perhaps now we will finally be accepted in the world, Probably some upper east side, Yuppy socialist Jew will make a cool Hip T-Shirt like “Destiny’s Jews’ Or whats eating Yankel Kugel” hey come to think of it thats not half bad…

  7. yeah i dont think this will “save” the Jews. For heaven sakes I DONT WANT IT TO SAVE THE JEWS. The only one who sould save the jews are JEWS. (besides WWII we were stuck b/w a rock and a hard place…and they werent really “saving” the jews as much as fighting Germany)

  8. i wonder if russel simmons is doing this in reaction to his alleged associations with anti-semites and suicide bomber apologists.

  9. Hollywood only makes Jews look nebesh … they love themselves so much, Leonardo Di Caprio thinks if some mean ass french guy who hates jews see’s Leo say he is Jewish that will help? In fact it only plays into thier whole conspiracy that the Jews OWN hollywood.

  10. ye the whole madonna converting thing is really starting to annoy me. i doubt it very much she has studied torah deeply. You are meant to do so before getting involved in halachah! (that goes for the rest of hollywood too) fyi holly “halachah water”is a load of comercial crap, i asked a rabbi. and who in the world would pay $100 for a red piece of string over the internet. I mean hello the main mitzvah is donating the money to charity when you buy them not donating it to some random.

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