Imagine: “Bush Pardons 9/11 Bombers”

Talk about concessions… Does the world know about this?

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is poised to pardon two PA officials with proven ties to terrorism, including one of the planners of the fatal November 2000 bombing of an Israeli school bus.

Does the world comprehend the lengths of “goodwill?” Would something like this ever be tolerated in the US?

15 thoughts on “Imagine: “Bush Pardons 9/11 Bombers”

  1. I’m in the UK for ten days, and I must be outta the loop cuz I just didn’t hear anything about the Arab Palestinians are making reciprocal concessions too, right? Or was deploying their police force/army to Beit Hanoun supposed to be enough?

    those bastards
    Twelve-year-old Orit’s right foot was blown off. Seven-year-old Yisrael lost his right leg. Eight-and-a-half-year-old Tehilla lost two fingers and both legs. The doctors at Soroka Hospital made a valiant effort to sew her legs back on with a 17-hour-operation. The operation failed, leaving little Tehilla with no legs below the knee.

  3. Unfortunately, peace will require allowing terrorists to walk free. The difference between al-Qaida and the PA is that the PA will become a legitimate state entity. Just as people like Menachem Begin went from being a terrorist to a statesman, so too will certain Palestinians.
    The question here is not, ‘Did they commit horrible crimes?’ It is rather, ‘Do they have the potential to become peaceful statesmen?’ Unfortunately, terrorists who were part of the PA security leadership are probably in a good position to reign in future terror. That is why this release, while emotionally difficult, might still make sense. Additionally, Sharon is probably looking to buy time on the issue of a cease fire.

  4. dude, I see the way you feel the pain of everyone else over your fellow Jew.
    heheh G-d is gonna get you. Man, would you have sympathized with the Nazis too?

  5. I second Yisrael’s comments. Acheiving a viable solution to this conflict will require pragmatic statesmanship. In my opinion, Israel is viewed by center-left Palestinians — the only partners we have — as uncompromising in its position vis a vis Palestinian affairs. (Many Israelis would agree to this as well, and indeed support the position.) Israel’s, and especially Sharon’s, policy is more or less eye for an eye — if there is a terrorist strike, Israel strikes back, and hard. This has engendered a view of Israel as a tough guy, an aggressor. And this may indeed be good to deter potential attacks.
    But if we want a final a final compromise to the this solution, we will have to do just that: compromise. Sharon’s taking good will measures is certainly a risk. But this conflict will go no where without risks, and a continued military barrage in the style of the list few years is good in the short term, but I think we’ll all agree it cannot be sustained in the long term. A viable long term solution can only come from politics. So I respect Sharon’s pardoning of these men. Let’s hope it works.

  6. Holy, actually, I plan to name my first son after Mordechai Anielwicz, because of the courage he displayed in organizing and fighting the Nazis even when it was pretty obvious he would lose.
    My interest is in improving the security of Israel. I am not excusing Sharon’s decision because I sympathize with the Palestinians. If either or both of these men were to be brutally murdered the day after they were released (preferably by Arabs), I would not care.
    Israel needs to decide where it can compromise to achieve peace. We should focus on the future, not he past. Will this release do more to improve our position with the Palestinians, or to improve PA restraint of terrorists? I believe it might. While I probably would not have taken the action, I cannot say it is unreasonable.
    Israel has to make some very tough decisions in the future. None of the decisions will satisfy all Jews, let alone all Palestinians. The goal should be to secure security and prosperity in Israel. If releasing a murderer from prison moves us in that direction, so be it.
    I don’t like Abbas, but he can bring peace. What is Abbas held Sharon responsible for Sabra and Shatila, and refused to negotiate with him? While that might be emotionally understandable, it would be a disaster for peace and Palestinian well being. Similarly, Israel will have to do things that will be emotionally difficult, but improves the welfare of Israelis into the future. With Abbas and Sharon, we are at a turning point where peace is possible. We need to take advantage of this opportunity, and make the wrenching decisions that may be required.

  7. Yisrael, I am not sure what reality u live in, but it certainly isn’t the one Israel resides in, when will u Apologists learn that every concession we have ever made has been thrown back in our faces. The Arabs stated long ago, their true agenda, eradication of the Jewish presence in the Middle East. WHy more concessions?? Hsn’t Israel been slapped in the face already, aren’t we pulling out!!? Why are Jews still being maimed, killed, etc?? Abbas, has no real control, he said he will not forcibly demilitarize any of the terrorist groups. What does that mean for Israel?? Kassams, Katushas, and rampant weapons smuggling a little closer to Tel Aviv. Abbas and Begin aren’t even comparable figures. YOur decisions and apeasement hardly are in the best interests of Israel security. We should focus on the future and Learn from the past!! Its really simple, we must re-assert ourselves and not give the carrot and always recieve the stick

  8. It is really ridiculous??
    I can’t fathom anything worse than a busload of children being bombed and burned to death.
    To dismiss it because the number of victims is small as compared to 9/11 is just as bad as saying 9/11 was no big deal because 200,000 people died in the tsunami.

  9. I think the peace process is going to TAKE stuff like this. I’m not saying Bush should pardon Saddam or Osama … but seriously. Take a breath, relax, and let things go as they will.
    Perhaps peace is worth this?

  10. Amanda do u call this a peace process??? On what grounds? I call this a mockery. THe Arabs are getting the Fackata west bank and Gaza already!! WHy are they still carrying on?? Why are Jews still Dying? I’ll tell you why, A. because their primary Agenda is to wipe out Israel, they tried in all out War numerous times, but with a lil ingenuity, and alot of Divine intervention we’ve come out triumphant. B. The PA leadership has little to no control over their armed factions who are all vying for power. IF the PA Govt takes no real stand or actions to restore the correct power structure, they will be subject to the whimsical nature and bullets of their lovely intelligentsia (Aka Hama, Jihad, Al Aqusa, and all of those other lovely freedom fighters the world embraces). C. HOw many past deals were honored by the PA?? ABout the only thing ever exchanged between Israel and the PA, were Israel giving land, money, etc and the PA giving back dead Israelis. NOw… If any of you would like to explain to me on what basis, facts, or logic will placating to the PA bring Peace for Eretz Yisrael, I’m all Ears.

  11. it is not ridiculous by any means – proportionately every darn time a bus explodes in israel, it is a catastrophie of the same level as 9/11. each bus bomb that goes off in jerusalem and kills people is a propoortionate 9/11. The bombers who explode themselves and kill people in the process are no different than the Mohammed attas – and although i was not comparing them i was asking the reader to imagine if on the ame level pardoning the 9/11 mastermind as a concession for the hope of peace would even be something civilized people would consider.

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