In Civil Rights Slaughter, Will Justice Be Served?

Reader Abu writes,

While the rest of the world seems to have forgotten that “Liberal Commie New York Kykes” were at the forefront of non-Black involvement of the American civil rights movement; two Jewish martyrs of that movement seem to have finally received justice: NY1 story.

“…Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, both from Manhattan, were in Mississippi volunteering to help blacks register to vote on Father’s Day in 1964 when they were shot to death, along with another volunteer, James Chaney. At the time, the three men were on their way to investigate a church fire.”

I wouldn’t call it justice yet. The klansman indicted for the killings is just going up on trial, and has plead not guilty to the charges, not to mention, at 79, he’s not bound to spend much time behind bars if convicted. You gotta wonder why it took 41 years to take this dude down. Zach DeLaRocha posits one theory.

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