9 thoughts on “Iran: We Can Hit Israel Wherever, Whenever

  1. Two issues here; superficial and abstract.
    The Arabs perhaps used to believe their own ‘superficial’ propaganda that Israel was colonialist and in effect expansionalist and in general they’re pretty pissed off that we beat them all the time, so they created this ‘deterent’ against us.
    When I say abstract, I refer to what they are inherently afraid of and that is our return to the complete ‘eretz yisrael’ until the Euphrates in current Iraq. They know it’s coming but they still think that they can prevent it.
    Sadly, virtually all Israelis and Jews don’t see it coming, but it’s inevitable and our destiny.
    Notwithstanding, let’s hope that they have matured into understanding ‘MAD’ (mutually assured destruction) and don’t push the button. Should I be optimistic?

  2. Ah, having a rocket is very, very different than having a rocket and something with which to arm it. Silly little expansionist-hegemonic-dreaming Iranians.
    When they no longer have to import hundreds of North Koreans (and even build them little resort towns to keep them chubby and jovial whilst they design death), then we might take Iranian antics a little more seriously.
    Let’s remember:
    [] Iran hasn’t fought a war in the open since Iraq (they prefer, instead, proxy-wars)
    [] Iranian society is so divided that, should a war break out with Israel, i strongly doubt their under 26-society would see fit to pull themselves away from their fashion magazines and sat-TV’s.
    [] Any government whose foreign policy is run by Koranic “experts” is, well, ill-prepared for the likes of Israel’s FP office.
    We know where their “underground” installations are in Iran (North Koreans will tell you almost anything for hard currency). We know who in the government runs what (coups happen, even in semi-stable nations like Iran). And, we know how to evade their radar — so much so that our jets would be in-and-out long before the Mullah’s would be awaken from their sleep notifying them of said installations eradication.
    We have nothing to fear from Iran, minus their propagandic bluster. An Israeli/Iranian war would be fought (and won) in less than 10 hours.
    [email protected]

  3. “[] Iranian society is so divided that, should a war break out with Israel, i strongly doubt their under 26-society would see fit to pull themselves away from their fashion magazines and sat-TV’s. ”
    Well…if their youngsters are as westernized as that then their conversations may look like ours (myself included here)…
    iranian a: so what did you do last night
    iranian b: oh, not much…watched some war, and an episode of the simpsons.

  4. If Iran had teeth with which to defend its rhetoric, we would not see non-uniformed Iranian regulars in places like Kut, Iraq. Instead, we would see uniformed Iranian soldiers openly fighting Coalition Forces in such cities, and missile/anti-air batteries being moved to their Western border. We see just the opposite.
    No one disputes Iran’s formidable efforts to *develop* a deliverable nuke and an ICBM (from spending billions in hard currency to woo’ing international bad-boy North Korea for tech-assistance). Their intentions are easily seen facts. But, intentions are different than abilities.
    To believe that Iranian missiles could deliver a devistating punch against Israeli cities or bases is, well, simply wrong. A devistating onslaught of Iranian missiles would require the use of chemical or biological warheads (they have them), but would most certainly generate a typical “3-times-as-hard response” from Israel. So, within the next two-to-five years, Iran’s only plausible, survivable response to an Israeli strike would be, indeed, missiles, but relatively unimpresive coventional warheads. Remember, the reason nukes are so nice to have with missiles is they’re relatively light weighted compared to conventional payloads.
    Losses would happen in Israel, for sure, should Iran merely rely upon conventional warheads. But, that might be a necessary price so as to never see an Iran that could threaten Israel, Europe, Russia, China, India, etc. The last thing SW Asia needs is a nuclear emboldened Iran which could (and would) start dictating regional policy. If so, the future would be a very, very different one than we presently plan for SW Asia.
    Iran is a problem, like a splinter in your tongue. It hurts, but it’s not lethal, unless you ignore it (and hard to ignore it is 😉
    .rob adams

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