Iraqi Nuclear Sites Unguarded

OK, so it’s no surprise the Iraqi war sowed chaos and hampered the efforts of international organizations, particularly arms control organizations. Now the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has sent a letter to both the U.S. and U.N. Security Countil informing them that “Iraq’s nuclear facilities remain unguarded, and radioactive materials are being taken out of the country.”

More specifically, the U.S. refusal to share information with the IAEA or allow them back into country to continue monitoring and inspections of Iraqi nuclear sites has led to “increased chances that terrorists could get their hands on materials used for unconventional weapons or that civilians may be unknowingly exposed to radioactive materials.” What types of materials, you ask? “In January, the IAEA confirmed that Iraq was the likely source of radioactive material known as yellowcake that was found in a shipment of scrap metal at Rotterdam harbor.”

What do we say to this? Perhaps those enterprising reporters in the White House press corps might find the time to inquire if the President believes these developments don’t mean the war in Iraq has actually made us less safe?

Interestingly, the company in Rotterdam that discovered the yellowcake — Jewometaal. Yep, it’s got to be a Jewish conspiracy after all.

4 thoughts on “Iraqi Nuclear Sites Unguarded

  1. I am afraid no piece of idiocy or incompentcy from this administration would surprise any longer. No wonder Bush Boy does not hold a press conference more then once or twice a year.

  2. It’s not like Iraq had any nuclear missile or even plants for manfacturing them.
    I’d be more afraid of what we did (or didn’t) do when we felled Communism in Eastern Europe. There we have missiles unaccounted for and plants up and running.
    It’s fun to poke fun at the administrations failings in Iraq when its the in thing to do. It is another to understand and fear what they are doing in Iraq, Europe and all over the world. Scary, not funny.

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