Iraqis Continue Funding of Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Countering the oft-repeated contention that invading Iraq has brought to a halt Iraqi support of terrorism against Israael, WorldNet Daily reports,

Remnants of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime may be seeking to fund terrorism against Israel by continuing the payments to families of Palestinian suicide bombers that Hussein previously provided, a document recently seized in Iraq and obtained by WorldNetDaily indicates.

The document, discovered by a U.S. military unit on the body of an Iraqi combatant in Northern Iraq, is a general “Certificate of Martyrdom” honoring a family member who carries out a suicide attack against Israelis. It was provided to WorldNetDaily by an American military source in Iraq.

Full story.

2 thoughts on “Iraqis Continue Funding of Palestinian Suicide Bombers

  1. mmm, some rational human beings would argue that if true this is one more reason to stay until a free democratic iraq is formed.

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