Zeek Election Special Drops

All new issue of Zeek online, focusing on election day issues for progressive Jews. Of particular interest, a head to head between Jay Michaelson and the commnications director of LA for Bush.

I know many American Jews who are, in the words of one of them, “holding their nose and voting for Bush.” What that means is, they don’t agree with Bush’s economic policies, don’t agree with mixing church and state, don’t agree with Ashcroft or Rumsfeld or Rice. But they perceive Bush to be better for Israel. I would ask these Jews to wonder whether they aren’t fulfilling the worst antisemitic stereotypes by taking this position. Aren’t they putting the needs of a foreign country – albeit one they and I love – over our own? As Americans, we need to vote for the guy who we think is best for America. If you agree with Bush on all the issues, great. But if you’re doing it solely because of Israel, well, I think that should be looked at very carefully.

Word to that, brother.

8 thoughts on “Zeek Election Special Drops

  1. Many Jewish Americans agree with Bush’s economic policies, agree with vouchers for schools and agree with banishment of religion from public life, agree with Ashcroft attack on the terrors within our shores, agree with Rumsfeld’s aggressive attack on the terrorist outside of USA, agree with Rice’s realism. Witness tremendous growth of the Republican Jewish coalition http://www.rjchq.org. We do lament Bushe’s lack of eloquence though. But the alternative is a disaster for Jews and gentiles alike.

  2. “agree with banishment of religion from public life.” That is hardly the Bush view. He wants more religion in public life. And not our religion, either.

  3. Mobius, Bush’s achievements can be argued, and are being argued, all over the blogosphere. The point here is that the mythical figure of the Jew who votes for Bush solely because of Israel is a straw man.

  4. mobius forgot to say it so i will for him: bush is a moron, he hates little children and jews, he wants to destroy the middle class, we went to war in iraq so he could make his oil buddies rich……oh, and did i mention that bush is a moron?

  5. hey avi, why don’t you try refuting the points i raise instead of mouthing off?
    josh, i don’t think it’s a strawman at all. i have consistently heard from people that the only reason they intend to vote for bush is because he’s “good for israel.” some of them tack on secondary issues to further justify their vote, but israel is their primary interest above all else.
    sure, there are jews who aren’t single issue voters who have developed their party allegiences for other reasons as well. but again, most of them have been democrats traditionally, and only find themselves crossing lines because of the israel issue.

  6. Sorry, “agree with banishment of religion from public life.” was my typo. I support increased role of the religious institutions in the American life. Amerce was founded by people who proclaimed on the mighty dollar that “In G-d we trust”.
    For a diversion take a look here
    or here
    Bush stands for “Bracha Ve Shalom”. We vote for Bush becase of America and becase of Israel. Not only becase of Israel.

  7. Yes mobious, many american jews agree with bush’s policies. What is so hard for you to understand about this?
    I dont know where you get this idea that jews (and americans in general) are somehow being fooled by bush, and if only they were more informed, then none of them would vote bush. Fact is, many americans and american jews agree with bush’s policies, and right wing views, in general.

  8. I am voting for bush, for several reasons, and against kerry for several reasons.
    I agree with his policies with
    1) the war on iraq
    2)the patriot act
    3)across the board tax cuts
    4)not restricting business (outsourcing, or otherwise)
    5)not nationalizing healthcare
    6) Appointing supreme court justices who will leave moral decisions the the american people and the legislator.
    7) I dont believe gays should be allowed to marry
    8) I dont agree with the left’s obsession with removing all traces of religion from the public sphere
    9)I am against affirmative action.
    Now, im sure you can point out possible downsides to all of these policies, as they do exist, but that will be the case with all polices, and what you have to understand is that these are the views of around half the country. No one is being fooled, many people do agree with bush.

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