You’re Fired, Beyotch!

Recent Apprentice firee Jennifer Crisafulli got herself fired from her real job this past week, for uttering a mildly antisemitic remark in the course of her television appearance.

Wednesday night Donald Trump fired the 31-year-old Manhattan real estate broker from “The Apprentice.”

The next day, Douglas Elliman Real Estate asked Crisafulli for her resignation because of comments she made on the show about Jewish women, said her mother, Dale Crisafulli.

During the episode, Crisafulli and her fellow contestants were assigned to open a restaurant to be reviewed by the Zagat guide. When Crisafulli’s team lost the challenge, she lashed out at two Jewish customers from Zagat whose reviews may have led to her firing.

“It was those two old Jewish fat ladies,” Crisafulli said during the episode. “Really. They were like the pinnacle of the New York jaded, old bags. I do not agree with the Zagat review. If you had a different bunch of folk … they would have loved it and given it a higher review.”

That’s what you get for openin’ up a mouf.

11 thoughts on “You’re Fired, Beyotch!

  1. WTF? Where’s the anti-Semitism? She described two women who happened to be old, fat and Jewish…Oh, a “different bunch of folks”? Yeah, NO! What’s the implication here? That those damn, dirty Jews don’t have good culinary tastes? Have you seen the gefilte fish that comes in the jars, and the, the, JELLY? Maybe the chick has a point. What, are we afraid of here? “If you had a different bunch of folks…”, we wouldn’t be able to put them in the ovens? they would have paid the bill unlike the shysty old, jaded Jewesses? What if they had been serving beef, and the two women were Hindu? Change the word ‘Jewish’ to ‘Hindu’, and the same quote works, with the same logic, and is suddenly, not offence, merely logical. Examples like these of over-sensitivity will actually get us in trouble. And Mo, your blog gives lots of shit to Foxman over things like Borat and his song, but supports crap like this?

  2. see — the fact that the two ladies are jewish is entirely meaningless and irrelevant to the fact that her restaurant sucked and got a shitty review. instead of blaming poor service or poor food for her failure, she decided to blame the fact that the women were jewish. that’s antisemitic and compares not one iota to abe foxman throwing a shitfit about ali g’s “prank.”

  3. Wait, you mean she did a sloppy job and blamed someone for her faliure? Scandalous indeed. So she picked out two women to blame her failure on. She described them, fat, old, Jewish and jaded from NYC (which I hear has a way of doing that to it’s inhabitants). Take out the Jewish part of the description, you think she would have been fired then? Again, what if she had blamed the Hindu customers, or a pair of Italian women? Would she have gotten fired over it? I doubt. There is no great conspiracy she is implying, no hidden slur. Suddenly, Jews are so thin skinned that we can’t allow a few of our snooty members to get picked on by some catholic girl who has been living, happily it seems, with Jews most of her life? The company over reacted, and she should get her job back, after letting the company pay for a nice trip to Eilat. Let her find and marry a nice Jewish boy (after a proper conversion), and then she can see the wraith of an old, fat, jaded Jewish woman in her Mother-in-Law, LOL.

  4. this was some funny shit. they WERE old Jewish bags. what i mean by that is, well, they were old, they were Jewish, they were bags. that’s my assessment anyway.
    jennifer was obviously a complete DUMBASS, which is why she pinned her failure to these women instead of to herself or to her team.
    the funniest part of this whole “scandal” is that no one’s saying ANYTHING about the whole gay conversation in the other restaurant. hello? it’s awful to stereotype jews but not gay men?

  5. I am not Jewish, but her comment and the way she said it seemed offensive to me. How did she know the women were Jewish anway? This woman was a bully, she was rude and she needed to go. I agree with Trump — this was an easy decision.

  6. I’ve worked in restaurants for 6 years. You have to be tough to do that. Unfortunately, Jennifer was mean-spirited and unwilling to take her share of the blame. While one of her team members was busy crunching numbers on the books and order sheets, she was kvetching about her wardrobe. Try working Jennifer!

  7. any criticism of the jew is considered anti-semetic. lots of people know this, and that is why lots of people, myself included, do not like jews.

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